With experience in the fields of technology and engineering for years, constantly growing and developing, Mai Hoa Technologies has been continuously achieved encouraging results on its development way.

Mai Hoa Technologies has partnered with major domestic and foreign partners, import and distribution of technology products in Vietnam.

Mai Hoa Technologies has provided supplies and equipment for many projects. For these projects, Mai Hoa Technologiesimplemented  on schedule and are rated high prestige.

Members of the company has always tried its best along with the development of Mai Hoa Technologies, together orientate development, set the business aims up. Along with this development, the members always are created the best conditions for the working environment, the treatment, regime due to capacity. These help members are assured to work and dedicate to the company and myself, as well as to attract more and more high quality human resources for long-term work at Mai Hoa Technologies.


Bringing advanced technology products to clients.


Become a leading partner providing goods, solutions and services in Vietnam.



– Building relationships with colleagues, customers and partners rely on the spirit of humanity.

– Respect for colleagues, customers, partners, and the environment, rules, laws, and principles of work.

– Building the friendly teamwork spirit.


Never stop learning to improve own knowledge, assertiveness at work.


Ensure higher or proper engagement with customers, partners and colleagues.


Hard working, not lazy, working with full responsibilities.


No spendthrift on both material and time.


Must have pure hearts, always respect the public and private riches.


No narcissism, no lie, no cheat, no flattery with superior officers, no despite with subordinates.


– Supplying spare parts and material

– Test equipment, measuring equipment

– Industrial Equipment and machines

– Technology Solutions